Safety in Our Community

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At the recent Quarterly Members Meeting, guest speaker Fairfax County

Fire Chief Richard Bowers described the "Safety In Our Community initiative" (SIOC). With the overarching goal of "preventing the 911 call,"

local firefighters will come to your home to check your smoke alarms,

install new ones if your need them or provide batteries. Upon request,

they will also conduct a safety assessment, all free of charge.


Protect yourself this winter: if you use a space heater, be sure there is "space" around it so nothing combustible close by can catch fire. Also, kitchen fires are most prevalent during the holidays. Be safe. See this link for "How to Survive Another Holiday ....In the Kitchen." For more information on any of these

programs, contact Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department at

703-246-3801, or email

… a group of neighbors providing support and volunteer time to enable our members to "age in place."


The Village helps members with errands, transportation, minor household maintenance, and other services, and provides social, cultural and educational programs.


Explore this website to learn more. Ask us about what it means to be a member, a volunteer or a donor.

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Click on Event Photos to

see all the fun at the

Village Anniversary

Party!! Big thanks to all the

Volunteers who helped

put together this wonderful

evening gathering and also

to the Goodwin House for

their support of Lake Bar-

croft Village.


Lake Barcroft Village

Anniversary Dinner Party

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Monthly Village Shuttle Service

10:00am - 2:30pm

Members are welcome to take advantage of the recently initiated service offered by the Village. Once a month you can take the Village Shuttle to visit DC-area museums and galleries.


Members meet on the designated day at 10am at the Beach 5 parking lot for the ride to the Mall to visit the museum of your choice. After your museum visit, meet at 2:00pm at the designated pick-up point for your return to Beach 5.  Reservations are required to ensure we have enough vehicles. Check the Events Calendar for the next date and contact the Village Coordinator to reserve a seat.


For more info, contact the Village Coordinator
or phone 703-354-0652


Good Reading

Welcome To Age 50: Top Caregiving Tips, by Gary Drevitch


Forbes Magazine recently posted an article of interest to readers  reaching the age of 50, but these tips will be of value to everyone in our  community. Click on this link (be sure to click past the advertisement that may pop up!):   Welcome to Age 50: Top Caregiving Tips



Lake Barcroft Village

Annual Meeting

Monday, March 31, 2014

Click on Event Photos to see the well-attended

Annual Meeting of the Village, where new

directors were elected and a lively discussion

took place on the topic of a proposal to

add a new membership category.

Lake Barcroft Village is a proud member of the